Driving Tips On How To Drive Safely In Dubai


Whether you’re considering moving to Dubai, are new to the city, or just want to revisit some basic rules, there are many things to keep in mind when driving in the area.

Know Your Traffic Signs

Just like in any other country, traffics signs help in avoiding road hazards and provide information about speed limit, and direct drivers. Knowing traffic signs is a must in Dubai and only way to avoid fines. There are mandatory signs that guide the drivers on what action they are supposed to take on a particular road, including speed limit, roundabouts, as well as which direction to go. Other than this there are also parking control signs, trailblazing signs, control signs, and advance warning signs.

Keeping a Safe Distance

The recommended safe distance between vehicles is more than 5 meters. It’s imperative to maintain at least five seconds gap between your car and the one in front of you. Always ensure your space for emergency brakes and speed adjustments. There are drivers who would try to fill in the space that you have created, so in this case don’t be tempted to overtake and once again create a space.

Avoid Over Speeding

No matter how much you’d want to overtake the fast car in front of you – don’t! In the UAE there’s a heavy fine on over speeding, which still doesn’t stop people. The left-most lane in Dubai is the fast lane and even though there are signs everywhere about speed limit, there are offenses during lance changing and maneuvering. Don’t indulge in aggressive driving, be alert, and never take your eyes off the road.

Be Careful in Rain & Sandstorm

It’s always recommended to keep a track on weather in Dubai. If you don’t want any hydroplaning disaster in rain then make sure your vehicle’s tyres are in the best shape. BfGoodrich Tyres are recommended for wet roads as they have quality tread that moves the water away from the tyre. Tread depth is an important factor in wet-weather handling. Even with a good tire, it’s suggested to drive slowly, maintain a safe distance, and best to head back home or to a safe place until the weather gets better. Similarly, sandstorms also take place frequently in Dubai. Keep the windows closed, headlights on, and best to keep driving as stopping on the roadside can cause accident.

Vehicle Maintenance & General Tips

No matter where you’re driving, safety also comes with a well-maintained car. Make sure you take your vehicle in for regular maintenance checks. Keep an eye on car tyres and don’t hesitate to replace them if need arise. Dubai Tyre Shop is a trusted name in the city with quality tyres for sale. Never drive with worn out tyres especially on wet roads. Avoid impulsive emotions like anger and remain calm no matter what.

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