Cargo locks : How would they be useful


First, it’s important to understand that the cargo lock is not meant for use when driving on public roads or highways. It should only be used when you’re parking or stopping at a safe location off of the road. If you’re unsure if it’s safe to use, don’t activate the cargo lock until you’ve arrived at your destination.

When activating the cargo lock, be sure to have your hands on both sides of your steering wheel so that you can keep control over your vehicle at all times. Also make sure that no other drivers are around when activating this feature as they may not be expecting someone else to be moving their car while parked on the side of the road or highway.

One of the reasons why people use cargo locks is because they want to keep their belongings safe while they are traveling. This is especially true when you are traveling with friends or family members. If you are traveling alone, then it can be difficult to keep an eye on everyone at once.

Cargo locks from Theft shop make it easier for you to secure your belongings in your vehicle. The cargo lock helps to prevent someone from breaking into your car and stealing any of your belongings that are inside of it. This is a great way to protect yourself from having anything stolen from you while you are driving down the road with your windows open or doors unlocked. If someone wants access to something inside of your vehicle, then they will need to break through a door or window first in order to get into it. This makes it much harder for them to gain access into your vehicle than if there were no lock installed on the door at all.

The cargo lock has three settings:

Unlocked – This is the default setting when you start your vehicle. The back door can be opened at any time, even when driving. However, if you use this setting while driving, you should be sure to check on your child frequently when they’re in the back seat.

Locked – This setting ensures that no one can open either door unless they have your key fob or know how to use the emergency release handle (which may not work properly if it hasn’t been used for several weeks).

Childproof – When this setting is active, both doors are locked automatically whenever you put the car into gear or drive over 15 mph

Here are some things to know about the cargo lock:

  • The trunk can only be locked when the vehicle is in park or neutral.
  • If the vehicle is in reverse and you try to activate the cargo lock, nothing will happen.
  • If the vehicle is not in park or neutral, but you still try to activate the cargo lock, nothing will happen and an “Incorrect Gear” message will appear on the touchscreen.
  • In order to open the trunk with a key, press on any of the buttons on top of your fob (pressing any button twice will open your trunk).
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