2017 Updates to the Toyota Highlander


The Toyota Highlander is an amazing SUV model that continues to innovate and improve year after year. There are several exciting features that are new for 2017, and anyone that has been following the evolution of the Highlander will be excited to see the results. In addition to great design elements, the Highlander continues to be a reliable and family-friendly model that is not afraid to get dirty. If you are looking to purchase a new car in 2017 consider the Toyota Highlander Baltimore.


The lighting package has received a complete overall for 2017 and the results are spectacular. The redesigned headlights now feature daytime running lights (DRL) and the black accents to the headlights creates an exciting design profile. Another fun and sporty addition is the alloy wheel package, This feature looks great with the wheels showcasing the more rugged and sporty side of the Highlander.


Highlander is available in a hybrid model and the standard model is also fuel efficient and a good choice for the eco-conscious consumer. With an average MPG of 27, the Highlander is one SUV that is not at the top of the gas-guzzling list. The vehicle also boasts an Ultra Low Emission Vehicle II (ULEV-II) rating that can offer peace of mind to those concerned about their impact on the environment. Fuel efficiency is an important aspect to consider when purchasing any vehicle, automotive lighting, and the Highlander stands up to the competition. Hybrid options increase the efficiency and provide the flexibility necessary for in-town driving.

If you are in the Baltimore area and are seeking a great vehicle option, give the Highlander another look. It is a well-designed and top-performing vehicle that offers a great amount of flexibility. Toyota Highlander Baltimore is a great option for families and outdoor adventurers and anyone looking for a well-designed and dependable vehicle. The amount of space it offers for hauling gear is perfect for anyone living a full and busy life. The Highlander looks great and will get you to your destination safely. For further details about automobiles, visit this website: https://mysqmclub.com/.

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