Top Quality: The 5 Outstanding Benefits of Lithium Batteries


Lithium-ion batteries – like lithium iron phosphate batteries – is the ultimate solution for Australian long haul driving. Designed for providing renewable energy storage, lithium batteries battery chemistry is typically superior to other variations, and this includes its near-obsolete lead counterpart. Get detailed information on various types of batteries available in the local market, about on this website:

Lithium batteries provide a huge host of benefits for truck drivers, including high energy density, low maintenance, performance, longevity, versatility and the ability to be smart charged with Enerdrive chargers!

With all this in mind, here are a few reasons why you should definitely ditch any outdated technology you’ve found yourself stuck with for the past few years:

But first, what exactly are lithium batteries?

Both lithium-ion and lithium iron phosphate batteries move between negative and positive electrodes to discharge and charge battery power. Graphitic carbon electrodes with metal backings are utilised in both battery types and their anodes. A process of separation between the lithium atoms in the anode and the electron occurs and they are then ionised throughout the discharging process. The ions can transfer through the anode and again through electrolyte until they have located the cathode, thus rejoining with the electrons once again and turning neutral.

Lithium-ion batteries have a range of awesome advantages over other lithium batteries as well as other battery variants. Here we will discuss these stunning benefits and why they are best for Australian trucking companies:

1. They have smart charge capacity

With the likes of Enerdrive chargers available for trucking companies, you can be sure that lithium-ion batteries contain smart charge capacity. This fully automatic multistage charger can charge three separate battery banks. What’s more, they are fully automated, with a “set and forget” feature that means your batteries will charge at times when you don’t need it and therefore maximise battery life.

2. High energy density

Lithium-ion batteries provide the greatest energy density in the rechargeable battery industry, with a whopping 100-265 Wh/kg making charging a fast, simple and long-lasting process. This ensures that the powerful battery is the most efficient, especially compared to lithium iron phosphate and outdated lead batteries.

3. They are low maintenance

Lithium-ion batteries are a breeze to utilise and maintain. In fact, they barely need any maintenance in contrast to nickel-based batteries, which require regular maintenance. What’s more, you don’t need any priming equipment to maintain their battery life and you don’t need to schedule any form of cycling. Lithium-ion batteries have absolute zero memory effect, which can force batteries to work at a reduced capacity once there have been many charge cycles and repeated partial discharge.

4. Increase longevity & performance

Lithium-ion chemistry is ideal for high-power applications due to its high performance capacity. They have the capacity to deliver far more current than other battery variants, ensuring they have the capacity to deliver up to 3.6 volts, a whopping figure that is actually three times higher than its nickel alternatives. Due to their ability to discharge at a slower rate, they actually contain a much longer shelf life than other alternatives.

5. They are highly versatile

Lithium-ion batteries provide the perfect renewable energy system for many different applications, as their technology can be utilised to store energy or produce power for vehicles, aerospace, electronic devices and other high performance needs.

These are the outstanding reasons why lithium-ion batteries are the biggest winner in the battery industry. For batteries that can be easily smart charged, are highly versatile, energy efficient and provide increased performance, you simply cannot go past lithium-ion technology!

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