What Makes A Luxury Chauffeur?


Luxury chauffeurs are the epitome of luxury and class. They’re often the first impression guests have when they arrive at their destination and it’s important that your chauffeur is well-mannered, professional, and knowledgeable about their city.

So what makes a luxury chauffeur? Here are some things to look for when hiring a luxury chauffeur:


Make sure your chauffeur has been working in the industry for at least 3 years (ideally 5) so that they can offer you with valuable insights into the city and what makes it special.


When you’re looking for a luxury chauffeur, make sure they know their stuff! Ask them about their favorite restaurants, museums, landmarks and other points of interest. A great driver knows where to go when they want to treat themselves or their guests to something special!


Look at the car before you get in! If it’s dirty or messy inside, chances are the driver will be too! Make sure there’s not trash on the floor or food wrappers all over the seats before getting in. If there is, ask them if they can clean up before driving you around town!

Well Groomed

This means that they should have a clean, well-pressed uniform. They should also have their hair cut, trimmed and styled in a professional manner.

Good Manners

They should have good manners and be able to engage in conversation with clients without being too pushy or overly familiar. Customers expect this level of professionalism from their chauffeurs because they know how important it can be when dealing with high-end clientele.


They should be punctual and arrive at the pick-up location before the scheduled time so that there is no waiting around for them when clients arrive at their destination and need to leave right away.


They’re educated and trained in etiquette, protocol, and proper demeanor. They’re taught how to be polite and courteous with everyone they encounter, from valets to hotel staff to other drivers. They know the right words to use when speaking with people in different cultures, because they’ve learned about them before they arrive at your destination.

Anticipate Needs

They’re able to anticipate your needs before you even ask for them. They know when you need help getting into the car or out of it, when it’s time for a drink or snack break (or maybe even both!), and when it’s time for some personal space so you can make important calls or emails during your trip.

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