Things To Know About The Bearings


Bearings are one of the most important parts in any machine. They provide support for the gears, shafts, and other moving components. The quality of bearings can determine the efficiency and performance of your machine.

Bearings come in different types. Each type has its own features and applications. For example, there are rolling bearings and sliding bearings. Rolling bearings have raceways while sliding bearings have grooves or channels on their outer surfaces.

Bearings come in different sizes as well. There are small bearings and large bearings that vary in size depending on the application they’re used for. The size of a bearing is determined by its inner diameter (ID) and outside diameter (OD). Bearings with smaller diameters tend to be more affordable than those with larger diameters but may not last as long because they don’t support as much weight or torque as larger ones do. However, if you’re looking for precision in your machine then you should opt for larger ones because they’ll be able to withstand higher amounts of torque without any issues at all!

Bearings come in a few different varieties:

Rigid – These are the most common type of skateboard bearing. Rigid bearings typically last longer than other types and don’t require maintenance as often. They’re also less expensive than other types of bearings.

Ball Bearings – These are more expensive but tend to roll smoother and last longer than other types of bearings. They come in both shielded and unshielded versions and can be used for any style of riding, including downhill and freeride riding.

Sealed Bearings – Sealed bearings are usually hybrid versions of ball bearings and cartridge bearings, but they’re usually not as smooth-rolling or durable as ball bearings alone because they don’t have the same clearance between the races (the sides) and balls (the ridges). Sealed bearings do not require maintenance, though they do need to be cleaned every so often to remove dirt or debris that can compromise their performance over time.

Bearings are also very easy to maintain. You simply need to grease them periodically and keep them clean. This can be done with a rag and some soap and water, or with a special bearing cleaner if you have one on hand.

If your bearings are making noise or feel rough when you spin them, it’s time to replace them. But what do you replace them with? There are different types of bearings available for different applications, so it all depends on what type of riding you plan on doing. You can contact Airevelo Bearings for more information.

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