Harley-Davidson Iron 883 – All you need to know


Harley-Davidson is an American bike maker that has had a huge line-up of motorcycles in the country and even introduced the Milwaukee engine, and it also helped when the manufacturer introduced ABS on its bikes. The Iron 883 features ABS among other things

A sporty Harley

When Harley Davidson Bikes entered the market for the first time, the Iron 883 was among the first of the range introduced in India. The Harley-Davidson Iron 883 was the most affordable product in the Harley Davidson Bikes range, before the Street 750 showed up, that is. The Harley-Davidson Iron 883 sat below the Low Rider too. We’ve always been a huge fan of this bike ever since its launch. Sit on the bike and the tank appears nice and slender and what really lured us was the Eagle and Shield logo on both sides. The paint finish on the Harley-Davidson Iron 883 is exceptional. The engine gets chrome detailing with some black wrapping, while you can see a neat cowl on the air filter positioned on the right. There’s even a Harley-Davidson logo on it. The exhaust pipes get a smoked-out bullet-hole head shield, which give the bike a great appeal and the 9-spoke rims only further add to the look. The bike sports neat lines; it’s simple but angry to look at in a way, which is what Harley riders love. The bike looks bold, making it very desirable to both, men and women. You tend to draw a lot of attention riding the bike; it makes you feel like you’re in Hollywood, cruising down those wide highways. The bike certainly feels very special.

A Harley at heart

The bike is powered by an 883, air-cooled, Evolution V-Twin engine, developing 70Nm of torque. The engine has a good mid-range of torque, but doesn’t like to be revved excessively; it is best ridden at a relaxed pace. Cruising at low speeds is the best because on-off throttle transitions are slick and you don’t necessarily have to keep working the clutch, managing speeds quite well. Just a bit of throttle is enough to have the bike surge forward in a seamless manner. The motor pulls well and the exhaust note makes you smile inside your helmet. It gives you a sense of pride owning a Harley. Blipping the throttle won’t be required as the sound from the exhaust can be heard at idle as well. At higher speeds, vibrations can be felt mostly between 80-90kph. Just ensure you keep the revs in the powerband and the bike will cruise along smoothly.

Heading down the open road

You’re seated with your back up straight, but you will have to bend a little to reach out for the handlebar. The foot pegs are set in the front, and the riding position may seem great at first, but in truth, it isn’t a very comfortable seating position. This is a bike best used in the city and we love the beautifully contoured single seat, but again, for long rides, we wouldn’t recommend it. Up-front, the bike features 39mm telescopic forks, twin coil-over shock-absorbers and preload adjustable suspension at the back. This setup ensures the best stability possible, even when pushing the bike to its limit. Thanks to the stiff suspension, the bike corners surprisingly well and it holds its line perfectly well. When you lean the bike, the underbelly doesn’t scrape against anything. The ABS works well in our riding conditions, bringing the bike to a pause quickly. Also, read the latest bike comparisons, only at autoX.

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